Celebrating Birthdays through Krishna’s Birth


By the unconditional love of Sri Swamiji, our son’s ‘Namakaranam’ (naming) ceremony was celebrated in the classic Bhagavata Dharma style, as shown by Sri Swamiji and guided by Mr. Skandha Prasad, Richmond VA.

On the day of Namakaranam, all satsang devotees gathered and we chanted the Mahamantra for a while before reading aloud chapters 1 to 3 & 8 in Canto 10 from Srimad Bhagavatam which narrates the reason for and the birth of Lord Krishna

(1-3) and the Namakaranam of Krishna and His brother Balarama by Maharishi Garga. Our son was named Shridhama as given by the Guru himself.  

We then sang hymns from Madhura Gitam and enjoyed the birth of Krishna and Shridhama together, followed by vara daanam (offering paddy grains and a coin to all the assembled guests by the parents). It was a blessed day indeed!

1st Birthday

My son Shridhama’s 1st birthday was celebrated as ‘Krishna Jananotsavam’ (festivity at Krishna’s birth) in July 2016, at Houston Namadwaar.

The celebration commenced with a lot of kids and other satsang family members joining us for Mahamantra kirtan. We then read the Krishna Jananam chapters from Canto 10 of Srimad Bhagavatam. Sriram ji wonderfully discoursed on the birth of Lord Krishna and we felt drenched in Krishna’s grace. This was followed by Vasudeva (enacted by satsang child Bharat Salvady) carrying Krishna even as the hymn of Sri Swamiji Karirul Thanile (that speaks of Vasudeva carrying Krishna to Gokula) was sung, and handing HIM over to Nandababa. Then it was time for kolaattam (dance with little sticks held in the hand) by little Gopas and Gopis for Madhura Gitam hymns. All the kids were dressed up as Gopas and Gopis. Sriram ji narrated the story of Krishna to all the Gopas and Gopis. Then the  Gopas and Gopis had great fun eating butter, candies and cakes, and thoroughly enjoyed the celebration.

– Brahannayaki Hariharasudhan, Houston TX

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