Prayers to Thakurji and Sri Swamiji to bless all donors abundantly

Houston Namadwaar, Global Organization for Divinity (G.O.D.) and Love to Share Foundation America (LTSFA) have been quietly and sincerely serving the Houston and US-wide community for over 10 years. Inner transformation by Divine Grace also contributes to happiness and harmony.

Phase 1 of the construction is complete, we have received Certificate of Occupancy and waiting for the Pandemic to subside so that we can open the Sri Aishwarya Srinivasa temple. The gopurams and a few other embellishments have been moved to Phase 2. Total cost of construction was close to a Million Dollars, the current loans remaining is $500,000. Any help and support to pay this back will be highly appreciated.


We are also actively seeking recurring monthly contributions to support the temple and take care of maintenance. This will be immensely appreciated at this point.

Our organizations are non-profit public charities. We do not have paid memberships. We run on generous voluntary contributions of patrons like you, who appreciate our sincerity and what we do. Thank you.

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